Losar plans- Tenzin Paldon and Tsering Tsomo

My Plans For Losar Holiday Our losar holiday starts at February 27th and my planning is to enjoy and celebrate my holidays with my family and friends and to decorate my house. I am going to buy new clothes and things that needed like fruits, sweets and lots more, I am going to make khapsey at home, to paint our house, to clean the house and utensils of our home, to buy new flag and put it in our roof of the house and buy gift for the relatives and friends and visit our friends and relatives home and enjoy with them and go to pilgrimage and visit temples and visit the precious lama to get blessing from them and invite our relative and friends and wish each other and celebrate by eating delicious foods and playing cards, singing, dancing and visiting new places that we never been and enjoy picnic and wearing our new clothes and offer khapsey and some fruits and sweets to the god, giving sweets and fruits to the people who visit our home and also sharing our treats with neighbour. BY TENZIN PALDON AND TSERING TSOMO