science and buddhism by thinley choedon tamang

As for me sience is the one which discover the thing we can even seen through microscope  and real life .Buddhism is the one which discovered about a small thing which we cannot see but can feel .The way call is quantum physics which means study of truth. Buddhism is a followers of a great buddha who has been discovered the for Nobel truth. He is a great enlightenment. They believed that buddha knows everything about earth.

The great buddha had advised “not to accept his words on blind faith. He asked them to decide for themselves whether his teaching were right or wrong and then follow them. This was seems to be same as scientists used to do now in modern day. We Buddhism used to have dielectric practice which help us improve thinking skills. The scientists albert Einstein had said that “If there is any religion that could respond to the needs of modern science that was is Buddhism.”Thanks for reading “………

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