Trip at Daman-Dechen lhamo

On September 1 we all access students and techers with one new teacher want to Daman, it is located at Makawanpur. we all are so happy because it was new place for us. There are two vans and then our teacher divided in two group. At 5:00 pm we started our journey. In van we all enjoyed very much. We reached there may be around 11:00 pm. First we all went to the restaurant and we ate dinner. After than our teacher divided  group and distribute the key. Me and my friends went to our room. On next morning we all were playing different games like jumping, volleyball etc. and then we want to the boating. We went there some friends went by bus $ some friends went by walked. Me and my friends went by walked it took 7 hours to reached there. Then after boating we came back to hotel ant we ate our lunch. At our last day we did a bonfire and sang $ danced around 1:00 pm  and then we went to sleep. We were so tired. we enjoyed very much.


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