Visit to Daman= tsering tsomo

on 31st September we students went to Daman.We reached there at around 11:45pm a in middle night , after that our access teachers were distributed  room for us and  in each room there were 4 students and some of the room was too large so in that large room there were 7 student in that room.we fresh up at our own room and after some minutes our access teacher called for a dinner at dining 12:30pm we went to sleep.The next day early in the morning access teacher Tsering Gyalmo called some of the girls and boys who wanted to did yoga(exercise)we did yoga for around 10 to 15 minutes.we all play many games and do so many activities which we learned in daman.There we also know who to work in group.In group we made a modal of bridge.At last day in daman we paiyed new games that we didnot know.After that we return to home back




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