Closing Ceremony = tsering tsomo

It was the day which we celebrate our closing ceremony. I Saw all the access students were very glad but at the same time they were sad too sad because it was the closing day of the access.We started our program at around 2’o pm clock. We had already decorated the hall and all the access students were ready for the songs and presentations and also the teachers and parents were already assembled there in the hall.After few minute,miss Andrea De Arment and the resources persons of the HR2F came and we all stand and greet them full with our respect.

At first  sangbu came on the stage and requested  miss Andrea De Arment to lit a butter lamp. After that we the access students perform the two songs of each section named Take me to your heart and the Education song.Our performance was not bad at all.

After our performance our principle Ven Lobsang Thapkey la gave a heartfelt gratitude on behalf all the access students for given us such a wonderful and nice to improve English language. we clapped a big hand to him.

At last,it was  turned to take our certificate from miss Andrea De Arment ‘s hand.Then after the program was over we took a group pictures of holding our certificates.We also ate some latoo,samosa and milk tea while talking with miss Andrea De Arment .After few minutes they went and we all arranged all desk and tables.

Lastly I would like to say a very deep-heratly

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