On the last Friday we had our closing ceremony of access. We were so sad for that. We have spend 2 years with this access. We will miss those days with our lovely teachers.

On that day we decorated our dinning hall with color paper by using our creative skill that we learned in our access class. We got notice that they will be coming here on 2pm. We were too busy to decorate. After decoration we get ready. I was feelig too nervous because I was scared to give speech. But however I gave it. After sometime we present our group song in the song of EDUCATION SONG and TAKE ME TO YOUR HEART. They were very pleased with us. Ms. Andrea De Arment also gave such a small speeches with lovely words. Our school principle was also very happy because for the successful of our access. and also the director of the Himalayan roots to fruits Mr. Tsewang chime la also gave a small speech.

After a while we ate our snacks. and we took  a group photo. Finally my wish came true as i was waiting for a long time to give a small speech in front of the US embassy.

And lastly thanks to our US Embassy for helping not only us but also the people and children who are lacking behind and also thanks to Himalayan Roots To Fruits for supporting us. and most thanks to our lovely teacher who were there for us and taught us many things.

I hope that US Embassy will achieve goals and also help to those Tibetan refugees.

Thank you.

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