On August 31 we access students and teachers went to makwanpur by bus.It took about 5 or 6 hours to reach there. we there may be 11; night. All students and teachers were so tired  so we took some rest. then we  all went for dinner. After dinner our teacher distributed the room  with appropriate group and gave us the key of room. Next morning me and my friends went to the hill. We took group photo from there.Then we ate breakfast. After that some students and teachers traveled by bus and some by walking.These who walked, they lost their way and they got very difficult situation. But I was traveled by bus so I didn’t get any trouble.After reached the lake we enjoyed by booting and we also took group  photo. by returning back to the hotel. We took lunch. After finished our lunch we went room half and hours rest. Then we played many games and did many activities. At the last night we burn fire and we students and teachers danced together.Next morning took our breakfast and returning Kathmandu. I am happy that time. that time was my memorable day.



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