On 31 August 2017 we went to Makwanpur from access class. We went from here at 5pm by travel van. There are two vans and we divided in two groups. We sang and danced a lots in van.  In van we enjoyed a lot and I felt we reached there so fast. But when we reached there it was  already 10pm. From far away we saw a  resturant it was looking so nice in night. After we reached at resturant we ate dinner and sat for well. After we  finished our dinner we divided groups for room. We went to  room and slept. Next morning we wake up at 6am. When we came out from our room  we saw many games to played and we saw beautiful place. We took some photos with our friends. At 7:30 we took  our breakfast. After that we went for booting and some students are went by van and some were by walking. In that groups I was in van and we reached there so fast. But other friends were lost the way and they didn’t came there. We waited for them but they didn’t came. We went to booting with many friends. We enjoyed a lots. After that we came back to resturant and we ate lunch. But other friends didn’t came. We  waited for them. After that we had some activities. We played many games. When we playing games other friends were reached there and they also jointed with us. After that we ate dinner and we had burn fire. We enjoyed with our friends and teacher. We enjoyed our day. On the last day we had many activities. We ate breakfast at 7:30 in the morning.  After we finished our breakfast. We played many games like balloons, putting some barley to friend mouth with closed our eyes etc.  After we finished our games and all activities. It was already 12pm and we ate lunch and with friends. After that we came back to Kathmandu. We reached here at 6pm. We enjoyed lots in trip I never forget this days.

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