On August 31st we went to Makwanpur (Out of Kathmandu valley) on 5:00 pm. It was a long journey which almost took 7 hrs from here. Such a long journey was very enjoyable. We enjoyed a lot in bus by playing, singing, eating. After a long jorney we reached there at almost 11pm. We saw it from far away which was in the middle of the hill. It was so beautiful. The Resort name was OM ADHYAY RETREAT RESORT. At night the hotel was decorated with beautiful lights. After reaching there we ate our lunch. After a while we went to our own room. At that night I didn’t slept because i was thinking about what to do tomorrow. On the morning we woke up early in the morning and played the volleyball and shoot some photo.  After a hour We danced on the Happy song. Like this  our day went well. On the next day we went for boating after breakfast. After boating it was our last day so we did a bonfire and sang and danced around 12:45 am. and then went to sleep. We were so tired so we slept. On the morning our teacher told us to pack our things. After packing our things we came out wearing dirty cloth for the game. We enjoyed a lot with Sheren. After lunch we took our journey back towards Kathmandu.


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