Exposure visit to Daman -Bhuti Lhamo

On 31August we the access students went to place called Daman it is located at Makawanpur.It was very   happy moment for all of us because it was new place for us.when we were in the bus i saw lot of things from the window like rivers,dense forests,etc.It took around 5 hours to reach there.When we reached there it was getting  dark and we couldn’t get any chance to see the views that evening. Everyone was eager to  see the views.After that we got from the bus and we made the group and went to our rooms. In the early morning ,all the students were playing different games like volleyball,table tennis ,jumping,skipping,etc.the day went like this.On next day we went to the boating to the lake called Indrasarovar.we had great fun there and me and my friends had a great fun there.when we went there some students went by bus and some  by walked.We safely reached there but the other students who walked didn’t come on time because of some lost their way.So they came very late.Then after we went back to the hotel and we took some rested there and after that we had a game. After that we went to eat our dinner and we had a talent show that last evening.We all joined there and every students looked very happy that evening. At 1’o clock we went to sleep and turned the light.

At very morning we ate our breakfast and

we had a very funny game to give the food to the fold person and we had a great moment there and at around 1pm clock. We all got into the bus and departed the Daman with heavy heart.We arrived here the kathmandu around 7pm evening. The bus dropped us safely near the Buddapark. We got from the bus and went to our home.Thank you teachers and US Embassy and the HR2F for given us such a nice and wonderful chance to us.

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