Access closing ceremony – Pema Khando

On April 15, Friday we access students celebrated closing ceremony. We access students started to make beautiful decoration of different color papers and charts by using different ideas two  days before. On Friday, after lunch our access teachers came and we decorated the dinning hall . At 2o’clock we finished our works and our guest had also came. After that we started our program and at first there was a speech from student by Mingmar Dolma. It was really interesting speech in a simple English and easy to understand. There was a speech from our school principal and us embassy. Ms Gyalmo la gave a speech and it was very good. Ghen Chemi  la also gave  speech and he thank  a lot  to many people. We had presentation about access regular classes and it was done by Pema Bhuti. We prepared two songs and also divided our students into two group. One was’ Take me to your heart’ and another was ‘I need to educate’. We both group performed it well and embassy were very happy and they appreciated our performances. At last we also got certificated of completed two years access class.   In this ceremony I got a lot of advice from different people and learn new things and they encouraged us a lot. Lastly I would like to show my gratitude towards US Embassy and Himalayan Roots 2 Fruits for your great kindness which help us in our study.

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