On 12 august we went to visited to Bhaktapur Durbar Square. We traveled  by the bus at 10;20AM. We reached there at 11;20.we entry in the gate of the bhaktapur. We saw that in there is most of people was neware and there we took photos. First we saw the statute of king Bubindra malla. After that we went to golden gate.In there we saw a pond and our teacher told that was were the queen bath. The pond was surrounded by the snake.we came back and after that we went to see statue of Dloma and people described about Dolma. They  told that the Dolma was came to see the Napal after that when she like to go back but the people didn’t allow to her and she stay there. We wished her and came back . After we went to eat lunch. The lunch was very delicious and go back to bus before went to bus we bought some curd. At last we came back.Bhaktapurrtsering

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