At saturday we went to bhaktapur . we left the school in 10 PM and after that we travel to Bhaktapur by bus as in bus  we sleep and travel and travel at last we reached to Bhaktapur.  first we entered into golden gate and we enjoyed to see that place as always.  at there we saw pond with many fish and statue of snake and ancient time tap water and after that we click some picture at there it has beautiful stair case but it was destroyed by last earthquak and after that we  went to see TARA and we there we saw our god called zetsuin-dolma .it is called TARA in Nepali and  after we wen t to have a lunch as Bhaktapur is popular for curd and we had taste that curd called JU-JU (curd)  dhai in Nepali and after that we went back to our school because we had an important match. so we did not went to Patan. i felt so sad that we can’t go to Patan but how ever we can’t go to Patan but we are thrilled to visit to Bhaktapur and as always it was memorable day for me . that all THANK-YOUindex


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