our teacher say that we are going to Bhaktapur then i was so excited to see a beautyfull place. we wentto Bhaktapur at 10.00 am . in the way i ee a many old house and we reached bhaktapur at 11:10 am. we saw many beautifull place in bhaktapur and we see a six floor temple and our teacher say we went to see a tara but we didn’t know the way of tara then we asked so many people last we reaches a tara. there was an idol who was tried with chain. at 12: 45 pm we ate lunch at near by bhaktapur and our teacher were plaining is to go in patan but girls said that we were a basket match in school and our teacher change the pl

an and said that student we are going to school because girls are playing basketmatch in housematch then we returned to the school.                                                                THANK YOU

1920 × 800 –

Image result for BHAKTAPUR
                                            NAME PEMBA TSERING

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