we all are so excited to go Bhaktapur Durbar Square.All teacher was come in our school.they say attention your line .we all go line by line.we saw our bus .our bus was so big.we enter our bus .we all say wow so nice and comfortable bus.the bus was go on .i saw we all are enter the bus we all are sleep in the bus.we got so much time to reached bhaktapur durbar square.finally we all are reached there,but we all also walk for a while. we also visit the bhaktapur an also went to watched the fishes around it.e also took a group photos and finally e went to the gumba and bowed bofore the goddess.And we went back to the place where we came from and w e went to the restaurant to eat our lunch.The lunch was very delicious and we ate a lot.our taecher asked wheather we want to go to the Patan or return back to our school. Most of the students said that they want to go back school so,we got in the bus and came back to our school.we also bought a curt and gave to my friends.


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