Trip to Bhaktapur -Tenzin paldon

At 12 august 2017, We all access student went for educational trip in Bhaktapur, that day was so memorable for all of us, we leave at morning from our school to bhaktapur by bus, we reach there about 50 min later, when we enter the entry gate i saw some temples and the temples where really old and there was lots of traditional temples and statues, at first there was a statue of a king called bhupatindra malla and it looked really traditional, and then we visit few places and they were really good and we saw lots of things there like traditional temples, crowed places and lots more,in bhaktapur there was newari king curd known as juju dhau which was really popular in that place, we all student tasted it and it was really good and after few hour our teachers take us to a hotel to have our lunch and we all  have our lunch and then we decided to go to Patan but because of some reason we went back to our school by bus and it was such a wonderful day for all the student of access class and we all felt really happy that day.

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