This is the day when the student of Access and teacher went out to Bhaktapur durbar square.We departed from our school at 10AM in the bus and we arrived there at 11AM. When I was in bus I felt .sleep. We already reached there when I woke up.Then we got from the bus and walked for a while when we entered the gate of durbar square,I got so surprised.It was totally different then from the pictures that I had saw before.There were also other people who visited there.I saw many statues over there.We also took  group pictures.We asked the doubtful questions to our teachers. Then we went inner the durbar square. We saw the scripts,inscription,pati pauwa,bath tube of the queen and king.We also saw the fish in  the pond.Then  we got from there and went to the gumba. We took up our shoes out and entered into the Gumba.We all bowed before the goddess of the tibetan.We prayed for while  and some of the students of access also lighted the candles. We returned back at our first place then we went to restaurant. We waited there for some time and went down to bought our lunch and. The hostel’s name was “old hostel”. The lunch was so delicious . After  eating the lunch,our teacher asked us whether we want to go Patan or go back to school. Most of the students were interested to go Patan but the weather was not good and  there was also basket match that evening . So, we returned back in bus and arrived here around here at 3PM in the evening.We had a great day and enjoyed a lot on that day……………..


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