On Last Saturday Tsering Dollkar A

On last Saturday 12 August we our access teacher and students were went to Baktapur Darbar Square.

we arrived a bus at 10am from our school gate. we reached there 11am and we penetrate in the baktapur gate it’s totally different to i thought.there were lots of visitor not only we.2i felt that is it the baktapur? i had never seen before that place only in the book. we took group photoe s with scenery of baktapur. there were so many statue, atone inscription, art and craft, sculpture, old buildings and most of all houses are looked same because the houses are made from brick and it looked red in color. we enjoying the scenery of baktapur. it’s an exciting experience to see such a picturesque building.   that picturesque scenery thrilled me. we got up and walked towards the gumba. as we were walking, i was little bit exhauseted but we reached gumba very fast. i knew the story of that goddess and some students lighted candle and they wished. after that we came back  in the first place. after that we went to restaurant  for lunched. the lunched was very delicious  and tasty. after that we returned to school and played basket ball with friends. the day of baktapur was very enjoyable and nice.


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