My Visit To Bhaktapur

Bhaktapur is an old place. Mainly newari king ruled there.The place were holy. people of there were newari.first we look the old rtemple of bhaktapur.the houses were old desigh.people of there were related to different profession.there are many ponds.we also went to tara(doma sumju)it is believed that the newari people locked tara with chains so she wont flew awayand there was the statue of tara locked with chains.there many butter lamp which is offer to tara. there was priest who told the history of tara .at bhaktapur there was huge statue of bupendra malla (king of newari)and small temple  where the blood of animal were splash over the wall of bhaktapur we met some students of foreign country . they are also visit there for educational trip. we round whole bhakpur. at bhaktapur there were many dairy products. than we went to hotel pulachay for lunch. we have lunch with tasty curd (dahi )than we were back to bus and soon return to school.index

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