on the 12 august we all access student and teacher let school at 10:00AM to visit the bhaktapur dharbar square. I was very excited to visit bhaktapur and when we were traveling in bus in middle road i felt vomit and headache. perhaps at 11:30 am we approached there. At first we entered the gate, beside the gate there we saw a huge statue of bhupatindra malla. bhaktapur durbar square was ruled by malla king then we enter the gate there was a place where the queen used to take bath. it was my first visit to the Bhaktapur Durbar square. I was amared , there are many wonderful things which i had never seen before. There were many statues,crafts and lots of golden fish on the pond etc. After that we all students and teacher took group picture. after that we went to religion place were there was dolma, we all students bow before Dolma statue and we prayed for a while, then we returned back, after then we went to have  our lunch at old restaurant. There we ate thakali food, it was really tasty and our teachers give us curd which was really popular at that place and teacher give it to all of us. It was so delicious . Then our teacher asked us if we want to go to patan or back to school and all the student told that we have our basket match so we return back to school and we all become rally tired and it was such a memorable day.

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