On  12 August we went to visit the Bhaktapur Durbar Square. At 10am we went from our school by travel the bus and we reached so fast in Bhaktapur. When we came out from bus we saw the main gate of Bhaktapur. First we went to national art museum. Inside the there is a small pond and there were many golden fishes. Before many years the rani came to bath there.Outside of that museum gate.There is statue of king.And the king name was bhupatindon malla. The Bhaktapur Dabur Square was ruled by malla king. Than we took some groups photos.After that we went to another place there was Dolma statue.Many years ago she came to  visited the Nepal. Nepali people didn’t let to go her in Tibet because she did many good things in Nepal and she kept  there. She was very sad because she didn’t got chance to go Tibet. On the wall there were pasting many pictures of Gautama Buddha. Nepali were also called Tara . After we visited there than we went to restaurant for lunch. In restaurant  before we ate lunch we talked with friends about that Bhaktapur that we visited. After that we ate lunch. We also ate the curd. We enjoyed our delicious lunch. After we ate lunch we came out from resturant and many students were buying curd because Bhaktapur  Curd is very delicious.After that we came back to school. We reached at 2:30pm. I was enjoyed and happy on t  that day.

Image result for bhaktapur durbar square museum


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