Educational tour to Bhaktapur Durbar



at first we start to wear our own dress.we all get in our bus then we start our journey then we travel in bus for long time. but the bus driver was so funnyand we pass our time with bus diver when we are in the bus. at last we reach at Bhaktapur there was one statue of king Bhupatindra Malla. and there was one gate we enter in that gate. a i saw a Intelligent guide he was just describing about that temple there was many species of fish and there was some police having khukuri in one side of his  and we back  to that gate and we also click some group photo.   and we go to Tara temple in Tibetan that god is called [dolma].  in their was two Tara one white and black and we return to main gate and we also enjoy by curd  in nepali it is called[ju ju dhau]. we get in one hotel and we ate lunch. but there was our  school teacher and greet them and we return back  to  our school that all that we enjoy.

name Tenzee Tsundue

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