BHAKTAPUR TRIP- Tenzin choezin


bhaktapur durbar squareको लागि तस्बिर परिणाम

The most important of all the tourist sites in bhaktapur, Bhaktapur Durbar Square is renowned as one of the most attractive destination for Nepali as well as international tourists. The area is called “Layaku” in Newari language. Ancient temples and shrines, sculptures and historical heritage sites constructed in different eras carry the identity of this city.
Highlights of the ancients Nepali art like golden gate, 55 Window Temple, Statue of bhupatindara Malla, Museum, Krishna Temple. Big Beel, dog Barking Bell, Siddhilaxmi Temple, Taleju bhagwati Temple etc can be observed in one place here. this durbar square is also a hub for local residents to get some refreshment after fatigue and to stroll around to have some fun time. This place can sasily be reached through different parts of Bhaktapur. Foreigners have to apy an entry fee to visit this tourist destination.

It is also famous for it curd (JU  JU DHAU ) because it is another form other curd by it taste.

bhaktapur curdको लागि तस्बिर परिणाम

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