Bhaktapur Durber Square-Pema Norbu

on saturday we went to bhaktapur as a tour which is also known as a bhadgaon. from the beggening we left 10 o’clock from our hostel when our access teacher told us to be ready and we start to travel.ii was so amaze that when i started to look outside during travel i saw many new place that i never saw it the bhaktapur temple i saw a golden gate first which is in front of the statue of king bhupatindra malla. there were a bloody a sacrifies of animals near a golden gate.we round many place there which the most of temple was similar to another . vthere ewre the risk of lost because all place were similar so i was confuse . we had a group photo  and then we went to for our lunch in thakali hotel. dhau was very popular there which is curd. i ate many more.Bhaktapur durber square is located in bhaktapur, khatmandu which is also known as badgaun. it consist of four distinct squares which include  durber square, taumadhi square, dattatreya square and pottery is popular for its religions, cultural history. Bhaktapur has a cluster of temples, pagodas, monuments, courtyard, squares. traditional houses, artistic stones, taps, also Buddhist shrines and monasteries built in different times of the history.The 55 windows palace is one of the most imprtant work of art in Bhaktapur Durbar Square. the three storied palace has a gracious setting and beautifully carved sculptureal designs on wi14442898085-stone-lions-nepali-army-soldiers-steps-bhaktapur-durbar-square-nepalndows and doors.

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