About Bhaktapur- Pema Khando

On last Saturday, we went to visited Bhaktapur and it was an enjoyable day for me. Bhaktapur was ruled by Mala dynasty in the ancient period. They played the role to build the temples and palaces of the Durbar Square. In 1744, king Prithvi Narayan Shah conquared the Bhaktapur, Patan, Lalitpur and Kathmandu valley etc. Bhaktapur is fill with Hindu’ religious, arts and cultures. I had seen the statue of king in front of the door and also popular golden gate. At first we entered there and just walked a while. We took a group picture and have lots fun. I saw the beautiful  pond which the king and queen used to bath during ancient period. In the pond there were also big and small fishes which were orange in colours. We left the pond and went to see another place where there was the statue of the Tara and it was very far away from the pond.It took long distance to reached there. When we arrived there I felt very tired and bored to walked another distance because the hot sunny day.  We put tika on the head and pray her. Some of us also burnt candle and rest awhile there. After that we walked a long distance to went back from the Bhaktapur and went to eat lunch. It was delicious and I enjoyed this day a lot. I got more knowledge and informations about Bhaktapur.

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