On 5 august we all access student to saw a emotional movies. In that day is Saturday. That movies is very nice and their main character is hachiko and professor. Hachiko is a one kind of dogs. Hichiko was  came from japan and her dog was reached on London and  at night one one people to found that dogs and he care that dogs from his home and he gave to food for that dogs and when the dogs was to   sit many time for him and  when he and the dog are friendly and the professor loved. When the professor was went to office he always to take him for coffee shop. The dogs was always to take in everyday.  her wife to loved the dog. later her all family loved that dog and to play on sometime. sometime they go to outside and to play that dog and to enjoy and when the professor was sick and day by day. and the dog was so sad for him an he was so sad and  one day he was went to office when he start to teach an he was fall down and he take for hospital and doctor check and when doctor said an he was die and her family become to sorrow and the dog was so sad he didn’t know to die him. and the dog always to taken to park but there no professor and everytime and one day the professor family to start to exchange their home and they bought the dog form her new home but the dog didn’t to sit  and he went to another house which was old home and the dog was always to taken their. later i would like to say that we all know that animals are one kind of very honest and kind and they to do like a man and we all to keep animals….

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