The Story Of HACHIKO _ tseringdolkar(b)

On august 5 we access students saw a very emotionally and heart touching movie about Hachiko. That movies is very wonderful for me. there main character was professor and dog. Dog was very friendly and smarted he always go  and waited for his professor. when he heard a sound of train he ran and came out from house and went to the professor. professor also loved and care hachiko. Hachiko always came to take his professor and on the way they two played with each others. when the professor went to office he also came with his professor.  when the professor said don’t came with  me he showed his sad face. At first when professor took a hachiko at home his wife didn’t liked hachiko after few days his family loved dogs and kept hachiko with them. he gave always training to hachiko to took ball but hachiko didn’t do day he was going to office hachiko didnt came with him when he reached railway station he looked at back when he looked he saw hachiko came with ball at his mouth. when he saw hachiko with ball he felt happy and gave huge hug for hachiko and went back to home. after that proffeser daughter married and she lived  with his husband and some times she came to meet her family. one day she gave good news to her family that she was pregnant her family felt happy and hug each others. one day  professor felt sick when he was in musics class he was talking  with his students suddenly he felt down and died. hachijo was waited for his professor but he didn’t came back. he  waited 10 years for his professor but he didn’t came back/and  he didn’t know that his professor was died. at that time hachiko felt very sick and he looked very messy. when professor  wife saw hachiko was still waiting for his professor she felt very said she began to cried and gave hug and take care of hachiko. at last hachiko died and they also made sautes of hachiko .


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