Hachiko is the name of movies which is about one lovely dog. At first in japan one Japanese person has one dog whose name was Hachi. The dog was lovely. He send that dog to his friend who lives in London. But on the way of London that dog lose. That dog  was going on way. One man keep him up. That man was one professor. That professor took him to his home. But his wife doesn’t like the dog .So he took him in his store room. In the morning he went to his friend house to that did they need this dog or not. His all friend said ‘no’. He also try to find his master. But he didn’t found. So he keep himself. he brought up. The professor always want out for his work by train. Hachi always went with him up to train and after offices finishes then Hachi went to receives him. After many day ago .One day the professor suddenly death. Hachi doesn’t know that his master was died. After death of professor his wife sold her all property and Hachi was send to her daughter house. When that dog heard that train sound. He ran away from his that house. He always wait for his master. He wait and wait but his master didn’t came back. After many day later that professor’s wife came this place.She recognize that dog.When she saw that dog she start cry. After ten year Hachi died  spending his rest life  waiting his master. This story was real. This was so emotional and direct touched our heart. This movies was amazing.


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