Hachiko the real story-Thinley choedon

It was time to watched movies on saturday.The movie name hachiko.It was very emotional movie.the story begins from japan .one of japanese monk sent dog to england for one of his friend but in railway station the dog lost.In that time the potter don’t care about it.There was a professor who found the lost dog.he went every station to search the orner of dog but there was no complain of the lost dog .then he kept the dog with him.he named the dog as hachi .the dog went to seeoff the professor to the raiway station and in evening hachi always camed to resived  the professor.then  relation between professor  and dog been very close .The professor live with his wife and daughter.the daughter also love hachi.one day the call came from the orner and the professor wife pick up the the call.actually she didn,t love the dogs but sawing her husband and daugther very happy she lie to that orner that the dog had been already taken by other.the hachi always seeoff and reseving the professor.one day the professor died but the dog did know what died means to be . the dog wait longing until he died .before hachi was going die it saw a dream of comming the professor and give a hug to it .this story was tell by professor daugther to her son which the son tell this story when they have to tell about their heros.in england there was a statue of hachiko.thank you for reading this..

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