Hachiko – Tashi Lama

The story was about dog .The dog was from japan . It was send to another country by his owner  as a gift .

On the way he was lost  and he was founded by a man name Paeker and he took him to his house . But his wife don’t liked dog . so he didn’t say to his wife but he was saw by his wife . And he tried  to find his owner but his owner was not found but before eaker loved  him so much and he used to take him where ever he used  go . When his wife saw his loved toward hachi .Then she agreed to kept him with them. Peaker had a daughter  which also loved Hachiko .Then Hachiko Became there dog . Peaker made house for him . when he became big he used go where ever Peaker  go. He also used to came to take peaker at rail station . Every day professor used to go on his work and hachiko also used to go with him and also used come to take his home .By hearing sound of whistle of train he know that his owner peaker is coming.Then he used to go to station to take peaker .Everyday he used do that . By doing this many years went.     one day when professor went for job .professor  didn’t came but Hachiko don’t know that professor died .he used wait professor at rail station every day  .his wife gave him to his daughter but Hachiko don’t know that . every one


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