on this weekend we watched a movie ( Hachiko ) which was about the dog who was sincere and honest. when the dog was sent to someone by the master to his some cousin. But the address was tore by one man mistakenly. the dog was sent from japan and it was special breed named AKITA. The professor found this dog at the platform of the railway station. he took the dog and kept with him. The professor’s wife was not happy with that dog. so she made the report about the dog that it was found and to contact him if any owner. he didn’t get any owner so he kept the dog with him.Over the next year or so, Parker and Hachi become very close. Parker tries, but Hachi refuses to do dog-like activities like chase and fetch. One morning, Parker leaves for work and Hachi follows him to the train station and refuses to leave until Parker walks him home. Later that afternoon, Hachi walks to the station to wait patiently for Parker to return. Parker is surprised to find Hachi waiting for him, but it becomes a daily routine.One day, Hachi waits patiently as the train arrives, but there is no sign of Parker. He waits, lying in the snow for hours until Parker’s son-in-law Michael comes to get him. Although everyone tries to tell Hachi that Parker has died (of a cerebral hemorrhage during a lecture in class), Hachi doesn’t understand. Hachi continues to return to the station and wait every day.

I’m inspired with this film. The dog has unconditional love towards his master and wait many years even the bad weather were overcome by him. some of my friends got eyes full of tears. But it was quiet emotional so i was just controlling myself laughinf in front of my friends……….


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