Hachiko-Pema Khando

Hachiko is a name of the film which we  watch it on last Saturday.It was very emotionally kind of film.The main characteristic of the story is a dog called Hachiko.Lets begin the story, Many years ago, there was a dog in Japan. One day Hachiko and his owner   went to the London. When they reached in the station a dog lost his way and lost away  from his owner. A professor found him on the way at that time. A professor tried to search his owner but a professor didn’t find the owner.So professor kept the dog with him. He love the dog very much but his wife didn’t like the dog. They tried many times to sold the dog but there was no one to bought a dog.So they had to brought up that dog from that day. Days,months passed there was increasing affection between the professor and the dog. His wife  also began to feel love with the dog. One day, there came a call from a person who want to bought the dog. At first the wife agreed to sell the dog but later on there came a feeling of dog to her and she stopped to sell it. The professor went to his office every days. The dog didn’t want to stayed at home so it ran away from the home through digging a hole below the wall.After that the professor use to take it with him to the half way and sent it to back home. The dog used to wait him every days.The days went like this but one day the professor died at his office and the dog waited to him on that day also.The dog always waited him when the time came to wait. The professor had a daughter and after her father was death she used to kept the dog but the dog didn’t want to stayed with her.It always ran away from her home and waited to the station. The dog grew older and he also waited still. One day the professor’s wife came to the London and she saw the old dog was waiting for her husband.While she saw that tear rolled down on her check and hugged to it.The life of the dog went like this and at last the dog died and its statue was there still now.I love this story very much. Thank You

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