Hachiko- Nyima Gyalmo

We watched a movie of a dog called Hachiko . This is the first english vedio I watched with my friends in school. At first we think that this vedio seems so bore when we saw video from beganing to ending it was awosome.All friends and teachers were crying .I felt so sorry for the dog who died on waiting for his master for 9 years.All my friends said that movie was so heart touching . When he was small he was lost and one person who was a professer picked him up and took him away but his wife didn’t loved that dog and said he can’t stay there but atlast the wife let the dog to stay with them.The dog was treated very well by the master as his own son. He always tooked his master in railway station. When one day his master were die . Hachiko don’t know that his master were already death .He think that his master were came one day

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