The movie was about professor Peker and Hachi. At first the dog was sent to London. The was lost on the way. When Peker came back the office at that time the professor saw the dog. Peker took the to his home. At first the dog was so small and the professor played with the dog. After few days the dog became very closed Peker. The professor took care of the dog. Hachi was very happy with the professor. after many days the dog became adult. Unfortunately the professor was passed away. The dog waited professor but the professor didn’t come . Hachi waited for nine years for professor. But he never came back. The dog was taken by Peker daughter’s home. But dog didn’t live there. The dog waited at that same place. After many years the dog became very old. At last the dog died  and people made statue of the dog. This heart touching story is based on real story. I liked it very much.

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