Experience On Hachi English Movie = Tsering Tsomo Lama

Oh, this English movie is real happen in the Japan and is about the loyalty and faithful of a dog. It was interesting and very emotional.I  was very happy to witch this emotional movie.In this movie include the main character are a  dog called Hachi and owner’s  family members. Actually the dog was from Japan and his owner sent him to his friend as gift but he lose his way and finally one person met

him at train way station and that person took the to his home.

At this place the most people did not keep a dog at their home and he  was frenzy with a dog as dog was very cut and sweet.He publish the news of the dog but nobody was not come to take the and he was a professor and  every evening  the dog was waited for his owner. When the owner was come then he jump and bark at his owner.one day his owner was pass away and waited for  10 years and then he saw  his owner in his dream and was dead with happy mood as he met his owner. When the dog waited for his owner throughout four season with cold and windy and i was very sad and tears  drop from my eyes. By the way i got  very nice chance to watch like this movir and i want to say” thank you”.

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