This is biography about the professor Peker it was happened in the Japan. The story was about the professor Peker and his Hachi. Fist the puppy was sent to London.But puppy was lost his way and once the professor was walking for evening walk.He found the puppy and brought puppy to his home But his wife didn’t like puppy. At fist all the students got bored after watching the move most of the girls was cried a lot as the movie was very emotion. The dog love the professor very much and unfortunately the prifessor passed away and the dog was still waited that place where he used to wait before the professor. he didn’t obey anyone aceot the professor.He thought the professor come and took him back to home.But the professor never came so, until the professor came the Hachi wait everyday at the corner the side so, at last the Hachi stop his breathe under the tree remembering he face   of his owner professor Peker. I like the story so much. THANK YOU

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