on last Saturday we watched movie called hachiko in our access class. it was about a dog called hachiko. In this movie the main character are the dog, professor (who found and take of the dog hachiko), professors grand son, wife ,daughter, son-in -law, and his friend at station sides. the movie begin from Japan. it was told a professors grand son in their class about his HERO (HACHIKO) at fist all his friend were laugh  but he continue and the story begin like * A Japanese man send the dog to other people but carelessly the dog was lost in train station and at that night professor found the dog and he was kind so he take the dog with him and spread the news about the dog. so he take the dog with him and his wife was very anger at first because the dog destroy all the work but one day a dog owner called the dog was belong to him but his wife said that the dog owner take the dog last day because her husband was happy with the dog so she lied to that person. they spend many day with the dog and they give the a name hachiko from his neck bow sign . hachiko always go to train station with professor to received and see- off .  later some years his daughter get married and got a pregnant and all were happy so professor give more time to his daughter. so hachiko felt that he was not spending time with him so he was very angry. so one day he didn’t came to received but after professor know that and make hachi happy and on next day the professor died at class because of heart -attract. but hachiko didn’t know abut that so always wait at station  that professor will come. so he waited forn years with living with professor family. while hachiko was waiting for professer some people give him food and at last hachiko died* every one in his class were crying. now statue was made where hachi always used to wait for the professor   

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