A dog’s story -(hachiko)-Pema Bhuti.

We all access student watched a movie of real event of a dog.The movie was very awesome the dog was found by the master and the master searched for the dog real master but didn’t find.The master’s wife didn’t love any pets so, he didn’t kept the dog in his house.Every day the wife see her husband being very happy with the dog and the wife too felt sorry for the dog and she let the dog to be with them.The master behave very good to the dog and treat as his own son.Slowly slowly the dog started to follow his maser to the rail way station and learned to take his master till the railway station and return to his house without any help of other.One day the dog acted very strange and didn’t let his master to go but the master however climbed on the rail and went for his work and at the same day the master died with heart attack.On other side there  stood the dog waiting for his master not knowing that  his master would never return.Like this he waited for 9 years in same place where he used to wait for his master after the work.The faithful dog died at last.This was the story of this dog haciko.

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