A Dog Who Wait His Master For 9yrs. – Mingma Doma Sherpa

On last saturday we watched a movie called ‘Hachiko’ which was a story of a dog who wait his master for 9 yrs even after the death of his master.

It was such a emotional movie. Mostly of us cried after watching that video.

The dog was from japan and its master was sending him to another country. While sending him he ran out from the box. He was wandering here and there. Fortunately a man found him in street. His name was Hachiko. After that he kept his dog in his house but his wife didn’t want to keep that dog in house so early in the morning he went to search his master. He tried a lot and did everything but couldn’t find his master. So he decided to keep him in his house as his daughter also. Their mom also agreed that. After 4,5yrs the Hachiko became older. He always used to see off his master to Train Station and wait for his master to came back from  work on 5pm in Train Station. But one day unfortunately his master died while teaching his student. As always Hachiko waited for his master but that day he didn’t came. He went home. So the next morning his master daughter came towards him and rub his body by telling “Did he do like this?” weeping. As always he wait for his master in train station but did not came. He wait him for all the day and night. By waiting like this his life went out and he got old. For 9yrs he waited. He became famous and his story was published on newspaper.

Today in Japan there is a statue of him. So always love the one who care you and always there for you.

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