Once a upon time there were two brother n the village. Older brother was richest in their village and younger brother was not. But older brother was greedy and younger was helpful and kind. One day younger brother found one sparrow on the ground. It had broken wing. ”oh poor bird you can’t fly,” he said. ”i will help you.”He picked up the bird and brought it home.He care that sparrow for many days. after a month,that sparrow ‘s wing was better.”now you can fly,”said the younger brother. But the sparrow didn’t fly away. Instead,it started to speak and gave one present to him and said plant this seed in your garden and take care it,” then the sparrow flew away. The younger brother planted the seed and watered it each day. After many days later the vine had a fat pumpkins on it. the brother picked a pumpkin for his dinner. when he cut it open, the pumpkin was filled with gold and jewels, every one had treasure in it. now he became richest man in the village. when his older heard about his brother’s treasure. older brother became very anger. so he went to his brother house. ”How did you get this treasure?”his younger brother told everything. Then i will help a sparrow, too.”so he went in forest to fine a sparrow. He didn’t got sparrow with broken wing. so he became very anger and decided to trap a sparrow. He trap a sparrow  and broke ts wing. the brother said,”oh no poor little bird. your wing is broken I’ll help you.” He took the bird home and got ready to let it go. you must give me a reward. that gave one seed to him. He plant that seed in his garden  and watered it. soon a thick, black stalk grew. he climb that stalk

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