Once upon a time there live two brothers.Elder brother was so rich because he take all money of his younger brother.So his younger brother was so poor but he was kindhearted and day when he was going back to his home from his work.On the way he saw a bird which wins was broken.So he took the bird in his home.After few day the bird become well so the bird flew away.For some minutes the same bird came and in it’s beak there was a seed.The bird gave him that seed.The younger brother took that seed and he planted it in the side of his small field.After long day in the same place of the seed there grew a big tree that having different kind of fruits,he diced that he seal that fruits and he got money from that he can use that money for his food and clothes.He poke some fruits but in that fruit he found gold and he diced to seal that gold.He went to market and seal that gold and he got so many money that he build the house.His elder brother felt so jealous from his younger brother.So he went to his younger brother and asked that how he become rich.He younger brother told him everything about the bird.So his brother diced to went and found for the bird that broken it wins.But he didn’t found bird that broken it wins,so he trapped the bird and took it in his home.After the bird become well and flew away.For some minutes the same bird came and gave him seed and he grew that seed in his field.After long day that seed grew and it become big and long that touch the sky.He clams and clams that he die there and from that day he look his younger brother from the moon.

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