Once upon a time, there lived a great king in a great palace with his daughter and he loved his daughter very much. When she was small,she loved music more than everything. So, she always sang beautiful songs but when she grew up, she always felt unhappy and she set alone with sad face. But her father loved her very much and he tried to make her happy but he failed again and again.
One day, the king called his advisor to find out some solution and but with their ideas ,they also failed.  At last, the king called all musician at the palace. The king said that who could make his daughter happy will reward one room’s gold. But no one could make her happy. At last, there came a boy to sing a song for the princess. When he was singing, she became so happy. He said that instead of reward, he wanted to marry the princess. But she said that she will marry if he could sing a song like a songbirds in the forest.
So, he went into the forest and tried to sang like songbirds in the forest.At that time,there came an eagle and gave him a flute and flew away. With that flute, he could sang more beautiful than the songbird.
At last, the princess marry him and they lived with full of love and music in their life.


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