The Songbird’s flute.-Pema Bhuti.

once there was a king who had a little  cheerful daughter.She loved music very  much.When she grown up the cheerful didn’t remain much.The king got very  sad when he saw his daughter very sad so, he called his adviser.The adviser gave lots of idea but none of them worked. The king thought and thought and a last he remembered that the princess loved music so, he announced that whoever would sing and make my daughter smile would get a house full of gold.All the musician practiced for the day and at last the day arrived.Many people came and sang and made beautiful  sound of instrument but none of them  success to make the princess smile at last there stood a man who were here to sing for the princes but he realized that he was in love with her.He sang very well and made a smile appear on her beautiful face.The king felt very happy and gave him the price but he refused for it and asked for the princess’s  hand.The king felt shocked and the princess stood up and told that she would marry him if only he would sing as Songbird.He ran to forest and then learned to sing as Songbird he tried his best to sing as them but he failed.At last a bird came toward him and then gave him a flute.The bird told him that this is not a normal flute it is a special flute called chirima learn to play it and then you will sing better than the forest Songbird.He played played until all the forest Songbird land near him to hear to it.At last he thought that it was enough to practiced and went to the kingdom.The princess loved it and then accepted to marry him and lived happily ever after.

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