Long time ago there was a boy called Punia living with his mother. One day thge mother take him and both sat on a cliff high above a ocean. The mother told everything about his father. His father died when he went to take lobster from the ocean and he was killed by the shark king. Since that time on one from the village tried to take lobster. But he was brave so he told his mother that they will again eat lobster from that day. He knew that shark king will go to hunt with half of the follower and he leave his five followers behind to protect the cave. The next day he filled a sack with rocks. He threw it in the ocean. The shark thought that it was food so they all went. At that time he jumped and took lobster and came back. He laughed and laughed and the shark king became angry and shouted at five follower. That night they ate lobster which was very delicious. The next day also he tricked them by throwing the sack filled with rocks. They were again distracted toward the sack at that right time he jumped and get lobster from there. And again he laughed and the shark king became angry and shouted at five followers and told them to leave the cave so he can protect his cave himself. The next day he went to ocean and saw the shadow of shark. he went back home and he filled a cloth backpack with a strong wooden board, two fire sticks and a straw mat. He went to ocean and dove into the water where the shark king was hiding. The shark said,’ Now I can eat you’. The shark king opened his giant mouth but Punia  put the wooden board between the shark giant jaws where it got stuck. Punia slid down the shark throat into his belly. It was dark inside so he sat on a mat and burn a fire inside the shark belly. this made shark king angrier. Finally the great shark jumped on to the beach. A group of men came to kill the shark. Punia stepped out of the shark mouth. ‘If you  promised to leave forever’ Punia said to the shark king’ ” We will let you go”. The shark king agreed and the Punia removed the wooden board from its mouth and the shark king leaved and never returned.

Punia brought lobster to his village everyday just like his father do.

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