Summary about how tiger got his stripes -PEMA KHANDO

Many years ago, tiger  didn’t have stripes on his body.All of his fur was orange in colour.All the other animals like his fur because when he got out of the sun,his fur started to shines. This helped them.They could see him far away from there.They ran away when they saw him.He always sad and got angry about his furs.The bright furs made him difficult to catch the prey.One day he saw a man and a buffalo ploughing the field.He amazed to them because he thought that how could such a small man control a big buffalo.He was very excited to asked to the water buffalo.He waited until a man went to lunch. When the man had gone,he went close to the water buffalo but the buffalo afraid to him.Buffalo said ‘please don’t come close to me.Don’t eat me please’. But tiger said “I won’t eat you.I want to asked you some questions”. That was why are you staying here. He is very small and you are bigger than him.You can fight with him.Isn’t it? The buffalo said “he had a wisdom”. The tiger said  “what is mean by wisdom”. Buffalo said if you need the meaning of wisdom than asked it to the man. After while, a man came and he was afraid to saw the tiger.Tiger had asked but the man tried to fool him. A man said his wisdom was at home. He had to go there to took the wisdom but he said to tiger that he want to tied him  because if he went the tiger would killed his buffalo. So he tied the tiger with black rope and went to took the wisdom.  But the man didn’t go he started to plough the field again. The tiger tried to get out from there but he couldn’t. The tiger promised him that he will never come here again and won’t eat them. Then a man get him to go. The tiger was going in the forest and he saw black stripes on his body in the water. At first he was very sad because his beautiful fur had changed. The other animals also sad that they couldn’t see him easily.  At last the tiger was happy to his black stripes fur. There after the tiger got his stripes and we saw beautiful stripes on the body of tiger till now.

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