Story about how did the Mexico’s first two volcano formed.-PemaBhuti

Once in the place called Aztec had a great king and he had a very kind,smart and beautiful daughter and her name was Iztaccihavatl.All the great warrior wanted to marry her but she loved one of the called popocatepetl and he loved him too.One day the great king called popocatepetl and told him that he must lead the solider who were fighting back to there enemy who were attacking them and the king sentenced that in return he would give her daughter’s hand to him.When popocatepetl heard that he immediately accepted it and got ready for the war but the princess didn’t wanted her popocatepetl to go for the war.After a week there stood a messenger in the court and he announced that popocatepetl fought bravely but unfortunately popocatepetl got a shot at war.When this sentence entered into the princess’s ear she was totally broken.She didn’t ate and drank for three days and died and she closed her eyes,stop her breath.The king heard a voice like popocatepetl and rush to the window to see who was it.He was shocked when he saw popocatepetl alive.The king told everything to popocatepetl.When he heard the he took away the princess’s dead body far away from the kingdom and he too didn’t ate and drank anything and at last he too died.The god of Aztec put the one dead body on one hill and other on other hill and they formed into two volcano and still popocatepetl shout to god for his lost life so, whenever popocatepetl shouted at god the magma flows out and the people who lived there says that popocatepetl is still angry with god.

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