Popocatepetl And Iztaccihuatl

any many year ago in Mexico. There was a great king. He have a beautiful daughter. She name was Iztaccihuatl. She was smart,kind and very beautiful. all the greatest Aztec warriors wanted to marry her. But she love Popocatepetl. He was the greatest of the all the Aztec warriors and the leader of the king’s army. they loved each other. At the time, enemy warriors were attacking the Aztecs. They were destroying villages killed many of the people. Our people need you, the king said. You and your army must go and fight this enemy.If you defeat our enemy. I will allow you to marry my daughter. He was very happy. But she didn’t want he to go.If you go. I’m afraid you will be killed. She said. I am afraid i will lose you forever. He said, No one will kill me. ”I will return. then I will marry you and we will be together forever. Weeks passed, and she waited and worried. Finally, a messenger . He was fighting, an enemy arrow shot Popocatepetl in the heart. He died as he fought to protect his people. She cried day after day, for her lost love. She did not eat. She did not drink. Then she was died. He raced up the palace steps to see his love. He also didn’t eat, drink for three day. He also died.

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