many year’s ago tiger didn’t have stripes and fur was all orange.tiger was proud to have fur like that because tiger think the he looked handsome and other animals also like the tiger fur because of the  bright color. they can ran away when tiger came to hunt them. so tiger was sad and one day  tiger saw that the man was making the buffalo pull the plow and he was amazed and asked to the buffalo you are stronger than him but that man was controlling you and then buffalo replied the man had special power called wisdom. so tiger said i don’t know who is wisdom and  can wisdom helped me to catch my prey. buffalo said asked to the man and the tiger waited to the man and then man had came and man was scared. tiger said don’t be scared i will not hurt you but tell me about wisdom i heard that you had a wisdom. so the man decided to trick tiger and the man said i had a wisdom but it is at my home.i can go to home and take the wisdom but i don;t want to let my buffalo because you will eat him when i was away from here. so i will tie you in the tree said by the man and tiger obeyed to the man and man tie the tiger and we to do the work . tiger tried to escape but the black rope was very strong  and make stripes on his fur. tiger cried and said loudly  “let me go!. then man made tiger promised to never came back and cut the rope. after that tiger ran to the forest and tiger finally got the stripes and the stripes helped to catch the prey.


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