Once there was two brothers  which were different from each other. the elder brother was the richest man in the village but was not happy. The younger brother was poor but he believed that helping other make happy so he always helped people. One day younger brother found a sparrow with broken wing. He felt pity on that bird. So he helped  the bird. He fed and care to the bird. After someday sparrow got well and the sparrow gave him a seed as a reward for saving it’s life. So he planted the seed. After someday the plant grew with big pumpkin. When he cut the pumpkin there were lots of jewels in all the pumpkins. He became the richest man in the village. His elder brother came to know about  that so he got jealous. He trapped a bird and broke its wing and said,’ Oh no! Poor little bird you are trapped and your wing is broken. I’ll help you. So he did the same did as his younger brother do to the sparrow. The bird got well soon. He said,’ you must give me a reward before you leave’ to the bird. So the bird gave again gave him a seed as a reward. He planted the seed. It grew with a long black stalk so he climbed and climbed and he thought that the treasure will be at the top of the tree and again he climbed and climbed until he reached the moon. After reaching there the stalk fell down and died. He was left on the moon.


From that day, the greedy brother looks down from the moon once every month.

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