Long time ago there lived a king and he have a beautiful unhappy princess.The king told who ever makes the princess happy they get a room full of gold.So,in the village all the musician came and participate in the contest but no one could make the princess happy but the young man who sang a beautiful song and it make the princess happy.The king said ‘you win the room full of gold’ but the young man said ‘I don’t need the room full of gold.I want to marry the princess’ .The princess said ‘If you want to marry with me then you have to sing as sweetly as a singing bird in the forest then i will marry you’ .The young man went back and he learned to sing like singing bird but he couldn’t .One day he become so sad because he couldn’t sing like singing bird and he can’t marry with princess if he can’t sing as same like a singing bird.Suddenly a huge eagle came and throw a flute to the young man.The young man try to play the flute but he couldn’t.He try and try finally he play as same as singing bird and he went to kingdom and play the flute.After that the princess become so happy and married the young man and lived happily.

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